The structure of our company, as it is conceived and modernized in the passing of years ensures a standard quality of excellence at very competitive prices, since all production processes, especially those relating to the shelling and processing of nuts and their semi-finished, take place internally.
Practically a complete chain. Nuts, grown in our region Campania, come from the surrounding countryside, are shelled, sorted, roasted, carefully chosen and packaged, ready to be selled to the final consumer. For that reason our production and administration prices are considerably reduced.
The activity is realized by following the HACCP metodology and in the respect of the environnement. In 2003 our company gained the “quality company” certificate. The big productive innovations, in particular the natural packaging process of the vacuum product, without preservatives, in order to make the consumer feel the final flavour of the nuts just toasted, and also in small pieces that let the Caporaso company to be a partner reference for the great distribution of Italian and International quality.